is a very innovative and user-friendly platform, known as the 'intelligent revenue assistant'.

Your hotel team responsible for setting prices will benefit greatly from the recommendations and insights that produces, based on continuous real-time analysis with big data records.

The 3 main sources of big data which combines and calculates in order to produce a 365-day forecast and price recommendation are:

(1) PMS data - two years of historical reservation data and one year of future reservation data provides the foundation for to understand seasonality, day of week patterns, segmentation, revenue, occupancy and more. Your HotelTime PMS will be connected to

(2) Competitor data - will do competitor price shopping on an hourly basis for the next 90 days and then a weekly competitor shop for beyond 90 days and up to 365 days.

(3) Market data - connects to tour operator and wholesaler systems in order to understand the demand for your city destination, based on search data from every travel agent connected to those systems. Even before a booking is made at your hotel, will understand the overall market demand for your destination and you will see this displayed within the system.

The 'intelligent revenue assistant' is like having a team of revenue managers working for you, gathering data and making calculations based on real-time changes in market conditions.

To celebrate the partnership between HotelTime and, for the first 3 hotels, we are offering zero setup fees (saving of €300) and a free trial for 45 days (normally 30 days).

Contact your HotelTime account manager to secure your place in the top 3 hotels.