Do you use magnetic / chip cards or other chips to unlock rooms (access to parts of the hotel)?

HotelTime offers connection to third party locking systems, card / chip coding then takes place directly in HotelTime and it is not necessary to use another application. In HotelTime it is possible to preset the time from-to for coding of cards / chips (which can be modified during coding itself). It is also possible to set the zones to which the guest should have access (floor, wellness, garages, etc.).

Cards can be coded directly from the room detail:

And from the operational reports Arrivals and Guest arrivals:

You can find the current list of supported locking systems on our website here.

Do you use a lock system but do not have it connected to HotelTime?

If you are interested in connecting the lock system with the HotelTime system, contact a sales representative for your company, who will contact you with a price offer. Contact your sales representative even if you did not find the locking system you are using in the list of locking systems on our website (see above) - new integrations are still being added.