Did you know that HotelTime offers connection to check-in kiosks for an self-service reception?

HotelTime currently offers a connection to the check-in kiosks SEZAM 24 and CZECHKIOSK, which will allow guest check-in, including payment, passport control and key card generation for the room.

Benefits of using a check-in kiosk

  • Possibility of completely self-service and contactless reception, which everyone will use especially at this time and also this solution is perfectly suited for hostels and apartment houses.
  • Facilitate the reception in exposed times - in case the reception does not manage to check in guests, a kiosk with self-service check-in will help.
  • If you use our other online check-in service (see here), the kiosk offers even faster check-in at the reception.

Are you interested in integrating a check-in kiosk?

In that case, contact a sales account for your company, who will provide you with details and create a price offer.