Are you using channelmanager and preparing a new offer there? Don't forget to create the appropriate RateCode! In order to be able to receive reservations for the new offer correctly, you need to have an equivalent RateCode in HotelTime and then customer support can simply complete the mapping.

Settings -> Rates -> Rate Codes 

  • Here you press the new RateCode button
  • In order for RateCode to be connectable to the channelmanager, it is necessary to select the correct Rate type - according to the channelmanager you use (such a RateCode is then usable only for reservations from the channelmanager).
  • You can also choose other parameters (reason stay, type of clientel, etc.), which will be automatically copied to newly created reservations.

TIP:! Be sure to contact customer support after creating RateCode for mapping. To speed up the mapping, send information about the new rate code after its creation in HotelTime directly with the mapping sheet from channelamager.