In Libero, we divide users who use the application directly and employees who do not use the application for work, but are managed in it. Only a user who has active User Management and Employee and Room Management permissions can create, delete, or modify user or  employee rights. To create a new user, click in the main menu on Settings - Users - Users and rights.

First, we set the user rights for a certain category of users (eg reception, warehouse, management), which we assign rights in the system. Use the red cross to delete the user, click on the editing pencil to edit the user's profile and his user category.

To create a new user, click on the New user button.

Username - your login name to the Vento administration system

Password - the password must contain 8 or more characters. It can be any combination of letters, numbers and symbols. The password must not contain your username.


In the second part.


Verify  password - confirm the password to check.

User rights – choose users category we set in the first step

By default, collapse menu - here you choose if you want to have the main menu after login writen or just icons.


On the right side in section Other operations you can upload your own profile photo  up to a maximum size of 1MB or choose one of the default avatars. Supported image formats are  PNG, JPG, JPEG.

TIP: Are you using any of our other applications in addition to Vento? Crosslogin allows you to using just one login details into aplication and switch between other aplications. You will not need to re-login to each system seperately. More about Crosslogin at this lin: switch between aplications easily

To create a new Employee in Libero, choose in the main menu Settings - Employees - List

Click New Employee. Use the red cross to delete the user, click on the editing pencil to edit the profile or add the provided services. 

 Here we set employees  name, code and sorting number for better registration in the in the system. It is also possible to define which services employee provides.


Some user profile changes can be made by the user himself via the main menu  Settings - Users – Current user



Here current user can change password, language setting, choose profile photo or the possibility of connecting to another application