The HotelTime system includes a very wide range of user rights and user menu settings.

What can be set:

  • user groups - you create an unlimited number of user groups according to the levels of competence of operations or preview in the system.
  • select main menu items - each group may have a different main menu in the system (left control bar). Select only the places it actually uses for the group, and turn off the ones it doesn't use. Each user then has the option to add any item to favorites under their own login (check our video about How to customize your view of Hoteltime)
  • user rights - you can select user rights for each group according to its competence. The system has a very wide range of user rights that clearly determine which operations can be performed by the user and which cannot.

Setting user rights in the system is key to controlling user operations. We have prepared a set of default user permissions for you according to individual groups:


Reservation department

Front Office Manager

Manager / MOD

Top Management


Tip: The system access and user rights settings should be managed by a responsible person from the hotel so that there is clear control over the areas of authorization and user access - it is not complicated, the administration can be performed by any manager. Don't underestimate the importance of controlling access to the system, especially the security of the hotel's business data and sensitive guest data.

A complete description of the authorization can be found here DESCRIPTION OF USER AUTHORIZATIONS