Are you using channel manager and need to map a new roomtype or a new ratecode? Find out what you need to do in Hoteltime to get the right mapping with channel manager below.

Remember that if you are creating a ratecode or roomtype, then the settings in the channel manager must be identical. What is in the HT must match what is in the channel manager, or 1:1.

Mapping one ratecode in Hoteltime to more ratecodes in the channel manager will not work, nor will the other way around. Same for roomtype.

Ratecode settings:

If you use channel manager Bookolo or Profitroom, then the connection between our systems is easy. 

In Hoteltime, just create a ratecode with the HTAPI type, via Settings - Rates - Ratecode - New ratecode, and then contact Bookolo or Profitroom support and ask them to map the new ratecode.

In the case of other channel managers, for the new ratecode, select the correct type, Siteminder, D-Edge etc and create the ratecode. You then create the same ratecode in the channel manager and download the new mapping sheet. If you don't know how to do it just contact their support. And then forward the new mapping sheet to us asking for a new mapping.

Roomtypes settings:

New room types and their creation is always consulted with customer support. 

Therefore, if you wish to create a new room type or change the capacity of a room type by moving rooms between types, please contact customer support. 

So if you are creating a new room type and this type will be mapped to the channel manager then again, you must create this type in the channel manager as well. 

Bookolo and Profitroom will then download the new mapping themselves. You only need to contact our customer support to enable the synchronization with the channel manager.

For D-Edge, Siteminder, etc. you need to create new room types in their interface and download the mapping sheet again. This is then forwarded to our support for mapping and synchronization.