In the system you have your own units such as pieces, liters, kilograms.

For easy storage you can prepare units that supplier delivers to you like pallet, package, keg, bottles, etc.

Configuration of units you can change on back office menu in folder Stock - Unit list

It will be not necessary to count how much litres of something you have, if supplier delivered bottles.

For configuration your own units, you have to set quantity of these units. For example, that 1 pallete = 30pieces, 1 package = 100 pieces, 1 keg = 20 beer bottles, 1 bottle = 0,5litre, etc.

Configuration of unit conversion you can provide in back office folder Stock - Unit conversions

It means, that if you will put new receipt of stock items to storage. The system will ask you to choose, what kind of unit you want to use to store the goods and than it will be automatically converted to required unit.


The way how to create new units:

1. In back office menu Stock - Unit list.

2. Click on green button New unit.

3. Write Name of unit (e.g. keg) and Code of unit (e.g. keg).

4. Than press the button Save.

The way how to create unit conversion:

1. In main menu Stock - Unit conversion.

2. Press green button New transfer.

3. Choose the Source unit, Target unit and Conversion.

4. Than press Save.