A great feature that can include more outlets, that you have in your device. Each outlet may sell differently. It will especially appreciate seasonal sales (outdoor sales in the garden, catering at festivals and so on).

For centers that serve at the table, we use the mode - "Tables first" = so you first seat the guest and then you take an order from the guest. Alternatively, if the guest first picks up the order and then settles down and you open an account on the table (It means, he does not pay immediately), you will use the "Service first" mode.

If you sell directly to the guest at the bar / terminal (bistro, coffee house, etc.) you will use the mode - "Services only" = you are cashing the guest right after marking and there is no need to choose any table or account. This is a payment directly upon receipt of the order and the account does not remain open to the guest.

To select a sale mode you can do this way:

1. Go to POS - Outlets.

2. Click on symbol of pencil in outlet, where you want to change the sale mode.

3. There you select needed values.

A) Sale mode ,, Tables first´´ means, that at firts you select a table and then you can post items.

B) Sale mode ,, Service first´´ means, that at first you select items and then you post it on the selected table.

C) Sale mode ,, Services only´´ means, that it will not require the account to be placed on a specific table. This setting is suitable, e. g. for fast food sales.