This function can streamline the work at the reception, which does not have to check no show reservations during the night audit and delete them manually, but they are automatically deleted by the night audit of the system. This will prevent the receptionist forgetting to delete the reservation and it will remain in the system.


The settings are made in cooperation with customer support. Only the administrator can enable this feature, not the user himself.


If you are interested in setting or canceling automatic deletion, do not hesitate to contact us from the authorized email address for your establishment. Next, tell us what reason you want to set for automatic deletion. If the reason is already created do not suit you, you can create a new one via Settings – Classification Management – Reservation cancellation reasons.


You can check whether you have set automatic deletion of reservations via Settings - Application – Main system set-up - Reservations tab -Section Other .


Searching for no - show reservations is possible via Reservations - Search cancelled reservations.