How to send an order and print the order type correctly?

It all depends on the correct system settings. Let's see what we need to set on the screen before we can send the order.

Via ePOS - Screen templates, we choose how we want the screens on the cash registers to look like and one of the options is the Send (or Send and pay) button. In the template, select the fields where you want the send button. In the edit, select System command -> Send order and then what should be displayed after sending the order.

So at the cash register, all you have to do is load what we need and have it sent. The order is therefore counted and if the stock and endpoints are set correctly, the order type will be printed on the appropriate printer for preparation.


How to set up dispensing points correctly for printing bonuses and for correct reading from warehouses? Take a look at the article for this purpose - you can find the article HERE.