In this article, we will look at how to set some restrictions when creating a reservation and  for example reduce mistakes of employees.

One part of the restrictions can be found directly via Settings - Application - Main system set up - Reservation tab.

Here in the "General settings " section, we can find options according to which the created reservation is to be followed or what information the employee must fill in when creating a reservation.

Obsah obrázku text

Popis byl vytvořen automaticky

Additional restrictions can be set directly in the Ratecode to which the reservation is to be created. We can find it via Settings - Rates - Rate code.

In the rate code detail, for example, we can set the time interval during the reservation can be created or limit the date or set min and the maximum length of stay for which the reservation can be created. You can also limit the days of the week or prohibit making a reservation for a specific room type or block rooms for sale.



You can see the ratecode setting here at this link.