You can have many of types of meal plans in the system, you can define, set and edit them in the menu Setting -> Application -> Meal plan setting

In the settings of individual types of meal plan, you define how the diet will break down into meal plan reports.

For each type of meal plan, you specify the name, its translation, the VAT charge and revenue centre type.

The breakdown of meal plan defines which meal and when will be relevant for individual reservations.

  • For example, breakfast is usually served to guests during their stay and on departure (but not on the day of arrival).
  • On the contrary, dinner is usually served on arrival and during the stay (but on the departure day we do not assume that the guest wants to wait until the evening and leaves during the day, so the departure dinner is not included)
  • During the stay there may also be a change of meal plan and in this case there are settings "change from" and "change to", these defines which meal will start and end when changing the diet in the reservation - "change to" means the arrival of a new type of meal plan, "change from" departure type of mwal plan.

Meal plan breakdown

  • arrival - indicate if a specific meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) is to be counted on the day of arrival of the reservation (usually breakfast is not served on the day of arrival)
  • stay - indicate if a specific meal is to be counted on the day of the stay
  • departure - indicate if a specific meal is to be counted on the day the reservation leaves (usually no dinner is served on the day of departure)
  • change from - mark if a specific meal is to be counted on the day following the last day when this diet is valid (ie "departure" of the type of diet)
  • change to - mark if a specific meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) is to be counted on the day which is the first day of the new diet. .

TIP:! The turning day, or the first day of a new type of food is a change from for one type of meal plan, but also a change to for another meal plan - when setting it is necessary to make sure that the meals do not overlap and for one reservation is not written to the meal plan report more meals than are actually to be served.

In the RateCode, we define which type of meal plan can be used, what its value should be, if it should be visible on the guest's account, etc.

Settings -> Rates -> Rate Codes

At the end of the line of the relevant RateCode, below the cup icon, we find the editing of the meal, here it is for example allowed breakfast and fullboard, but halfboard and no-board vannot be used.

  • Mark the types of diets that should be available in RateCode
  • Set their price for individual age groups
  • Separate item - should the value of the meal plan be visibly separated on the account? If so, check here
  • Included in rate - is the value of the meal included in the price set in rate? If so, it is included in the price and marked. If it is not marked - the setted price of food will be added to the price from the rates.
  • Add VATamount to the entered price - do you use rate codes without VAT? Then you probably have the prices of meal plan set without VAT - this checkbox will add VAT to the price of the entered food
  • Non-discountable item - do you use discounts, but the price for food should always be the same? Mark it as non-discountable item

See how RateCode works