Do you use online payments? Don't forget to have RateCode properly prepared!

Automatic payments or pre-authorization save time of the reception staff and the reservation department.

The most important thing is the correct settings!

Settings -> Rates -> Rate Codes

It is necessary to have the Billing part activated in the RateCode detail.

  • Do not include separate fee items into reservation price - if we have set the fees as a separate item in the reservation account in the ratecode, they will not be automatically withdrawn if this feature is activated (e.g. for hotels that want to collect the fees separately upon guest arrival).
  • Default currency - in which currency the transaction will be made.
  • Operation - here you select from the dropdown menu Withdrawal of money (the amount will be deducted from the guests) or Pre-authorization (the amount will be blocked on the guest's account).
  • Execute immediately - the system will create withdrawal/preauthorization as soon as possible after the reservation has been created in the system.
  • Number of days before arrival - indicates the number of days before arrival of the reservation, when the automatic transaction will take place (0 means to make the transaction on the arrival date of the reservation).
  • Non-refundable - we activate in ratecode, where the reservation amount is non-refundable. It will speed up the payout of money from Adyen.
  • Withdrawal Amount - the percentage of the amount on the main reservation account that will be automatically withdrawn or pre-authorized.

If you do not yet have an online payment solution activated and you are interested in it, please contact a sales representative for your company, who will explain everything to you and prepare a price offer.