Since version 4.5.18 we are releasing a new version of the Dashboard, with major changes in some parts. The color palette changes, the ability to click directly into reports where data is drawn from, adding new widgets/graphs, etc.

The data is updated every 15 minutes.

New look since version 4.5.18.

House status:
Data source:
Report Room status overview (Front desk - Overviews - Room status overview).
Report Departures  ((Front desk - Departures).
Report Arrivals ( Front desk -  Arrivals). 

Open accounts: 

Hotel accounts - Displays only open hotel accounts. From the widget you can click directly to the list of Hotel Accounts-open.

Data source: Hotel Accounts-open  (Accounting - Overviews - Hotel Accounts-open ) without filled in parameters and with the checkbox "In-house only" unchecked.   

Pay masters - The widget links directly to the list of Post masters.

Data source: Post masters  (Sales - Post masters).

Tasks (all): 

The title of the widget links directly to the Task List, which is also the source of the data.

Arrivals per partner category (before VIP arrivals):

From the title of the widget there is a link directly to the report Reservations by arrival date (Front desk - Guest Arrivals) which is also the data source of this report.


From the widget you can click directly to the Arrivals report (Front desk - Arrivals), which is the source of the data.
The X-axis displays the date, the Y-axis dynamically changes according to the maximum value for the 7 days displayed and the data range is Today + 6 days.

Newly booked and cancelled rooms 

Displays data for all created room bookings (not including accompany, day use or block) and for comparison data for all cancelled rooms (not including accompany, day use or block) for the period Today - (minus) 6 days. The X-axis shows the date, the Y-axis shows the number of bookings, which dynamically changes according to the maximum value for the 7 days shown.

Accommodation revenue (History and Forecast): 

From the chart, click through to the Forecast by day report with the current month set as the data source. (Reporting - Manager reports -Forecast by day).

TOP 5 agents roomnights production overview: 

Shows a summary of the production of the top 5 sellers by room night volume since the beginning of the month (bar chart) compared to the same period last year (line chart). 

Data source: report Sales overview by partner (Reporting - Manager reports - Revenue by partners). Always set from the first day to the current day of the current month.

Availability overview: 

A quick overview for operations staff to immediately see the status of their rooms for Today + 6 days. 

Stacked bar chart Confirmed rooms (counts confirmed + checked-in, does not count accompany, day use or reservation blocks) > OOO > Provisional rooms > Available rooms.

Data source: Weekly status report  (Front desk - Weekly status report).

Hotel performance overview per revenue centre types:
Chart based on the Revenue centres analysis report (Reporting - Manager reports - Revenue centres analysis  - group by revenue centre type) month-to-date = for the current month from its first day untill today divided by revenue centre type.

The first 8 revenue centre types  are displayed and all others are then aggregated into "Other".

Housekeeping overview:
Chart based on the Housekeeping report (Front desk - Housekeeping report), showing the status (Inspected - Clean - Dirty - Refresh - Technical Closure/OOO - Other) of all rooms in the hotel (not counting overbooking rooms).  Through the chart title it is possible to click directly to the source report.

Guest birthdays:

Display the number of guests with a birthday on a actual day. The data is based on automatically generated tasks in the Task list. If the Hotel does not have the concierge module enabled, "Concierge module not active" will be displayed instead of the number of birthday guests.

It is possible to click through to the Birthdays report (Concierge - Birthdays) with the current day pre-populated and "Inhouse guests only" ticked.