Introducing the Housekeeping & Maintenance dashboard, which aims to provide a quick overview for housekeeping managers and maintenance

This dashboard can be found on the Homepage or via the menu - Operations - Housekeeping dashboard. 

  • The dashboard contains widgets that allow you to track the progress of daily tasks but also forecasts and reports for several days ahead. 
  • It is also possible to click directly from the dashboard widgets to a detail or related overview.
  • As you have been used to, the charts in the dashboard can be filtered. 

Please keep in mind that the displayed data is updated every 10 min. The last update date can be found under the dashboard title. 

Viewing this dashboard is subject to user rights. If you are unable to view it, please make sure it is enabled for your user. 

Let's take a brief look at each widget. 

House status

A widget that can also be found on the main Dashboard. It provides an overview of the status of my hotel rooms. Clicking on it will take you to the Housekeeping report page. 

Today's arrivals

A handy overview for the HSK manager to see how the rooms are being prepared for today's arrivals. It is desirable to see zeros in this report - this means that everything is ready for today's arrivals. 

In addition, the individual indicators change colour according to how much is left to do (0 = green, <= ½ left = orange, > ½ left = red). 

Clicking on the widget will take you to the Rooms page, where we recommend setting the filter for booking status to "confirmed" or "options" so you only see rooms that are due to arrive today. 

Dirty: shows the number of remaining dirty rooms to be cleaned out of the total number of dirty rooms on arrival.

Refresh: the number of rooms to be refreshed out of the total number of rooms on arrival marked for refresh.

Inspect: number of clean uninspected rooms out of the total number of clean rooms on arrival.

Clean rooms to inspect

An overview of clean rooms, sorted by room group. If the hotel has more than 8 room groups, the rest are added under the category Other. 

When you hover over the part of the pie, you can see the sum that includes following rooms: clean + clean with today's arrival. Clicking will take you to the Housekeeping report. 

Linen change

Displays the number of all rooms (regardless of reservation status) requiring a change of linen by room group. If the hotel has more than 8 room groups, the remainder are totaled under the Other category.

Click to move to the Housekeeping - detail report with a pre-selected filter per room group.

HSK forecast for 7 days

For the week ahead, including today, see departures, arrivals, stays, stays with change of linen and empty rooms in a stacked bar chart. 

Click to move to the relevant reports.

Inventory usage

A practical overview of selected inventory items with a view to the future. 

Next to the inventory code we can see a tooltip which, when hovered over, shows the full item name and the total number. In the table we can then see the drawdown of the item for 14 days ahead including today. Clicking into the table will display the Hotel inventory - daily page with the pre-selected date. 

Via Settings - Application - Inventory you can define the code and also the order in which you want the items to appear on the dashboard. 

Maintenance - total

Here you can keep track of all pending OOOs and maintenances. Click through to the relevant reports. 

Ending OOO - today

We track ending OOO for specific room groups. If a hotel has more than 8 room groups, the rest are aggregated under the Other category. Clicking through will take you to the Technical Deadlines page with the "Closure to" date set as today.