Do you have a rservation from channel manager (CHMS) and you need to make some changes? 

There are two options for you:

1. To have the changes made by the CHMS. 

2. To handle the changes manually and also to process these changes manually. 

The second option saves you time and is definitely the recommended one. 

Changes made automatically by CHMS to HT reservations. 

With reservations that came from CHMS (D-Edge, Bookolo, Siteminder), you need to be careful. Significant manual change can lead to breaking of the link between CHMS and HT reservation. If later the reservation would be edited by the guest on the website where they made the reservation, this change might not be reflected in HotelTime.  

Firstly, you should know that in this case, there will be an error email sent to the e-mail address which was provided by you. You will see basic information about type of change that did not go through. So you will be able to do the change manually, if needed. 

You can also check in Room or Reservation history what user made these manual changes. We recommend to contact sustomer support about activating Auit trail function which enables you to see more detailed history of operations done in HT. You can also see and overview in Front desk - Audit trail of operations done by a specific user. 

We recommend you to avoid making these operations for CHMS reservations manually in HT before guests arrival: 

-  Edit rate and period and Edit price and period in room/reservation detail 

 - Reservation settlement

 -  Check-in and check-out or deleting room or reservation

Following manual  operations will block editing the reservation from CHMS side: 

 - Editing or changing meal plan

 - Account split

 - Adding item on account

 - Rooming list entry

 - Room move during guests stay –should not be an issue, all changes are probably discussed with the guest directly at that point

 - Also with CHMS reservations it is not possible to link or split reservations that are either confirmed or optional 

What happens if the change from CHMS does not get info HT? 

Error email notifications

As mentioned above, if  (because of manual change in HT), change of CHMS reservation is not succesfully transfered to HT, you receive an e-mail with basic information regarding the error. These can be: 

Booking room with ExtID not found   - this means that one of the following operations was madee: 

 - Edit rate and period and Edit price and period in room/reservation detail 

 - Check-in and check-out or deleting room or reservation 

 -  Editing or changing meal plan 

Unable to edit (cancel) reservation, booking with extID ... has already invoiced tax document – reservation was already settled in HT.

Manual  control of reservation

Once you make one of above mentioned manual changes, the control of the reservation has to be done by you. All changes done via CHMS (that do not get through to HT) has to be done manually as well.

Did you not receive any e-mail? Check with customer support what e-mail is set up for your hotel for these notifications.  We recommend to choose and e-mail which is used by more users (reception for example). 

Tip: Pokud potřebujete udržovat nějaké informace do příjezdu hosta a zároveň chcete doručovat automatické změny, pak doporučujeme uvádět informace do poznámky a změny pak bezprostředně před příjezdem hosta zpracovat.

Tip: If you want to keep some notes until guests arrival and you also wish to kepp the link between CHMS and HT intact,, we recommend to keep these notes in Notes section in the reservation and to update the booking once the guests arrives.