After logging into Vento, all users will see a "Welcome page" which serves as a signpost to other parts of the system. At the same time, a "Welcome" button has been added to the main left menu and users can access the welcome page from anywhere. At the same time, the ability to expand the main menu into an "expanded" text version (arrow above the settings button) has been removed.

The my favorites, trending reports and later dashboards sections can be set up user-configurably using the edit pencil icon.

My history is saved for a specific user on a specific PC, in a specific browser, and can be deleted by clicking the cross next to the section title.

The greeting to the user changes according to the time of the application (4-12 a.m. "Good morning" / 12-18h p.m. "Good afternoon / 18 p.m.- 4 a.m. "Good evening). 

We will also display system notifications on the welcome page over time.  One notification can always be "critical" and will be displayed in the top bar.  This bar will be displayed in all parts of the system. Other notifications are sorted into the bottom "System Notifications" section and are not posted to other pages.