We are introducing the new Group plan that we will be gradually releasing on our clients.

The new Group plan is similar to the Room plan. In this article, we will describe what features you can use, what the displayed data means and how you can customize it.

You can find the Detailed availability via the left menu Reception - Group plan.

Which reservations are group bookings?

Under Settings - Classification management - Client type, the hotel has defined which types of clientele are referred to as groups and individuals.

Client type is then selected for each booking, which makes it possible to work separately with group bookings in Group plan.

Functions of Group plan  

To quickly navigate between groups and individual bookings, we recommend ticking "Display individuals all together". The individuals' bookings will then be displayed on the top in the first row, along with information about the number of rooms for the individuals and the number of people booked in the bookings.

Quick Overview is a new feature that allows you to get a helicopter view when working with bookings.

When the Quick Overview is inactive, in the picture above we see two group bookings (DX booking by Carther Elon and Kašpar Group booking by Kašpar Jaroslav) on a total of 4 rows. If a booking contains rooms that differ in arrival or departure date, they will be shown grouped by period of stay on a separate line.

For example, in the group called Kašpar Group (blue), 2 rooms arrive on 20.4. and leave on 22.4. One more room arrives on the same day, but stays until 23.4., so it is on a separate line.

If the Quick Overview is active, the group reservation always occupies one line. The reservation starts with the arrival of the first room and ends with the departure of the last room. If there is a gap in the group reservation stay, this is visually represented by a gap in the Detailed availability.

For example, in the image below we see the same two group bookings now occupying one row each. The DX group has one room already departed yesterday and the other room arrives today (18.4.). No one from the group is staying at the hotel one night (17-18.4), which can be understood also from the gap in the reservation. 

It is easy to get an overview of the number of rooms and the number of people staying in the reservation in the corresponding row. Next to the door icon is the number of rooms booked. The number of people booked (not the number of filled guests) is next to the person icon.

Reservations with an unassigned room are highlighted with an orange row. Please note that reservations for individuals with an unassigned room will be displayed in a separate row even if the Individuals Together option is active.

The current occupancy is displayed in two rows. The same values can also be found in the report Room type availability overview. This report is most easily accessed by clicking the Statistics button on the left of the filters. 

  • Confirmed % includes all rooms in confirmed and check-in status, i.e. rooms that are sold or already occupied. 
  • Confirmed incl. option % also includes option rooms (confirmec + checked-in + options)

Filters work exactly as you know them from the Room plan. You can filter by room type (e.g. Superiors only) or by groups of room types. Not only the displayed reservations change, but also the displayed data in the current occupancy statistics. Places affected by filtering are marked with an orange box in the diagram below.

When you hover your mouse over a reservation, a bubble with the information related to that fragment of the reservation appears.

Left-click to view the booking details. Right-clicking on a booking will display a menu that can be used to edit the booking quickly and conveniently.

Customizing Group plan  

In Settings - Application - Room plan settings, there are now options to define what information is displayed on the elements in the Detailed availability. 

In the left column of the Detailed availability it is possible to display:

  • Reservation owner - default 
  • Group name / Reservation owner (if the group name is not filled in for the booking, the reservation owner will be displayed)

The text on the reservation block can be: 

  • Reservation owner
  • Group Name / Reservation owner - default (if the group name is not filled in for the booking, the reservation owner will be dispayed)
  • Number of rooms (Standard res.)
  • Number of reserved guests (Standard res.)


The colors of the reservations in Detailed availability are identical to colors set for Room plan.