Hoteltime connection with channel manager (like Siteminder, D-edge...) allows you to control availability of your property directly in HotelTime. In this article, we will look into this topic. 

 There is an automatic recalculation of available rooms in HotelTime at regular intervals. If there is a change of availability, for example by creating a new reservation, the updated availability will be send to your channel manager. It will then distribute this information to proper channels (like Booking, Expedia...). The change of availability takes some time to get completely processed.

If you decide to make some changes to the connection, for example by selling a new room type, please contact Hoteltime support and  also you channel manager support, so the change is made on both sides. 

If you ever find a difference between availability in HotelTime and in channel manager, you can use manual update. Go to Settings – Queues – Channel Manager synchronization. Click on Resynchronization. Choose room types that you wish to update and click on Add to queue. The new information will be added to the queue and it will be sent within next ten minutes. Then it will disappear from the queue, which will be empty again.


If you need to close specific dates from online selling, you can do it by two ways:

  1. In HotelTime via Settings – Application- Rooms OOO. Click on Add Room OOO and choose the rooms you wish to Block. We recommend to send the synchronization queue after this. 
  2. You can block the rooms directly in your channel manager account – for this, please contact your channel manager support. 

If an overbook happens, please follow instructions here: What to do when overbooking occur

Manual changes to external reservations can also affect availability, you can check this article for more details: