Hotel accounts can be settled at both the hotel rate and the CNB(Czech National Bank) rate. This can be selected directly when the account is settled.

For using this function is necessary:

  • active permissions for groups of users, namely the "Close hotel account" permission and its sub-property "Exchange rate source override".

You can set permissions in the main menu Settings - User rights - Edit user rights.

  • have a custom hotel exchange rate set in the system settings.

The settings are made in the main menu tab Settings - Application - Main system set-up - tab System - option "Apply exchange rate for currency conversion ", select Hotel exchange rates, press the Set exchange rates button. Don´t forget to save both settings.

Changing the exchange rate source when reservation / closing a hotel account:

1. click on room detail / reservation

2. click on MENU - Settlement

3. in the settlement step you can select from the "Use following rates - Hotel / ČNB scrolling menu.

4. complete the settlement according to standard procedures.

Tip: CNB exchange rates are automatically downloaded to the system once a day at the system's nightly closing time. The exchange rate valid for the hotel day issued by the CNB as of 15:00 is always downloaded. Hotel exchange rate settings are user settings, please contact the competent person for the hotel.