What are the types of notes in the system?

1. Reservation note

2. External note (from ChannelManager)

3. Pop-up note

4. Room note

5. Note for housekeeping

6. Note in the guest profile (in the role of guest, in the role of partner)

7. Other notes in account items, invoices

Where to set notes and what are they used for?

In the reservation detail - reservation note, pop-up note

It is mainly used for operating notes on payments, on arrival or departure, wake-up, transfer, special guest wishes, etc.

A pop-up note pops up on the user each time they click on the reservation detail / room detail. This is usually used for important user alerts. User right for its editing can be set in the system.

An external note is received from the ChannelManagerSystem or from the online booking form.

In the room detail - room note, note for housekeeping

Used to specify room and housekeeping requirements.

You can set a profile note in the guest profile in the address book.

It is used mainly for guest preferences, allergies or a special diet. Notes to guests and reservation partners are also displayed in the meal plan report.

We usually use notes for account items or invoceis to specify the reason for the movement. You can set a user right in the system that forces a description of the reason for adding item or canceling item.

Operational reports where notes appear:

Arrivals display notes : Reservation note, room note, note for housekeeping and external note

Departures display notes: reservation note, note for housekeeping

Guest arrivals display notes: profile, reservation, room and external note

Guest arrivals by arrival period display notes: reservation, room and external nore

Housekeeping reporty, Housekeeping - detail and linen change report display note for housekeeping

In-house guest report display notes: Reservation note and note for housekeeping

Meal plan by reservation display reservation note

Meal plan by room display: Reservation note, room note, note for housekeeping, note in the guest profile, note in the partner profile.

Tip: Set the room properties and reservation requirements that you can assign to the reservation. Requirements can also be filtered in operational reports. As for the other equipment of the rooms, there is a bathtub, a view of the greenery / the street, a king-size bed, etc.