Write-off is very similar to stock release document. You can use it to release stock items from the stock because of unexpected accident. For example broken plates, expired goods, etc.


To create a new write-off:


1. In main menu go to Stock – New activity – Write-off.



2. In write-off header fill the name of stock from which you will release and the date on which the stock item will be released from the stock. It is possible also write the note or document category ( category is customizable in the main menu click Stock – Activity categories – New category).



3 . Click on green button Create write-off and than you can write stock items which will be written-off. Stock items you can filter according code, name and also by supplier or by stock item category.


4 . The list of stock items in write-off document you can edit (icon pencil), cancel(red cross), or you can also add multiple items – Add multiple items or add recipe stock items.


5.  Than click on Save activity and modify stock and write-off will be closed. By this step the stock items are written-off from the stock, which you choosed in write-off header.



Attention: if you will not save the write-off document, stock will be not modified and write off document will be in system like unsaved. If you will go to another menu folder and forget to save it, you can find unsaved write-off document:


1. In menu Stock – Activity list – Write offs.



2. Than you can filter by activity type – Write-off and document state – Unsaved, or you can use also another filtering conditions.


3 . You can choose write-off document througt icon blue diskette as you can see below and edit document again, add items and than click on Save activity and modify stock.


Attention, if you have open/unsaved documents (stock release, receipt card, transfer, etc.) it will be not possible to close stocktaking / inventory.




It is necessary at first to close all unsaved documents and than close stocktaking/inventory.