Transformation of stock items is an excellent helper when you transform stock items to semi-finished or intermediate products. 

Transformation you will use e. g. during cutting meat, but also during substitution of stock items. E. g. if kitchen used except of coarse flour, they used semi-coarse flour and in stocktaking we have on one side loss and on the other excess.

To create a new transformation:

1. Click on Stock - New activity - Transformation.

2. Select source stock and target stock = from where to which stock will be the stock item moved.

On the date and time the stock will be adjusted after the activity is finished. The date can not interfere with the closed period with the inventory or operational closure of the warehouse and can not be in the future.

3. Click Create documents and enter items.

4. Source stock item you want to transform to a new stock item. The kitchen cooked with coarse flour, but in the recipe they had semi-coarse flour. So from semi-coarse flour, we need to make coarse flour to balance the quantity in stock.

If the trasformed item will be e.g. meat, so then source stock item can be whole chicken and target item can be 2 pieces of chicken breast, 2 pieces of thighs, 0,3kg of bones for chicken broth.

To complete this transformation click Save activity and modify stock.