Stocktaking list helps to find out stock items during a creating new stocktaking. The stocktaking list is always displayed for a selected stock and allows, e. g. to filter stock items with null value in stock ( a negative amount is always displayed).

The stocktaking list can be easily printed and then you can make a physical stocktaking.

You can set whether to print it with or without the current stock amount.

After filling of stocktaking list we put all detected amount of stock items into stocktaking, which we create through Stock - Stocktaking - New stocktaking. More info about new stocktaking, click here.

To create a new stocktaking list:

1. Stock - Stocktaking list.

2. Select stock for which you want to create a new stocktaking list. Also is possible to filter only some categories. If you mark null filtering, system will not show stock items, which have actually zero amount in stock.

3. Click on Show.

4. After displaying the stock items in the right side menu, select Print or Export to PDF or Excel.

The export to Excel can then be completed with the actual quantity found in stock and then imported/uploaded to Stocktaking using the "Import list" button. More information here in the article.


Settings, if you want to show actual amount of stock items in stocktaking list, you can do it in menu Settings - System- mark button Show stock amount in stocktaking list.