1. We will create the recipe for the lunch menu in the Banquets / Breakfasts - Events list.

2. There we click on the New item button and then fill in the necessary data, see the pictures below.

3. Fill in header with name of lunch menu and other informations. Then click on Save.

Name - Name of event, e. g. Lunch menu 24.1.2020.

Date and time from - to - Date and time of events.

Outlet - outlet.

Subject - Company/ person from adress book.

Type - Here we can choose, if you have created. ( e.g. Lunch menu, coffee break, banquet).

Template - Used Banquet/ Breakfast template.

Adjust the amount depending on the number of persons - When checked, the recipe will be adjusted 

according to the number of people.

Default stock - Default stock from Banquet / Breakfast template. The stock can be defined for stock items

individually and is superior to the default stock.

Number of persons - The number of people for whom we create the calculation.

Budget without VAT - Price budget without VAT.

4. In the next window we will fill in other data. We can enter entire recipes of dishes or individual

 ingredients, which we insert into the menu.

Insert - You can select if you want to add stock item or the whole recipe.

Stock item name - Searching of recipe or stock item by name.

Amount - Amount of stock item or recipes.

Stock - Possibility to choose another stock for a specific stock item / recipe.

Press the Insert item button to save the selected stock item / recipe.

6. Click on Insert item to add the selected item to the menu.

The right toolbar is used for further work with the created menu.

Header edit - Header edit of event.

Price update - Updating prices.

Copy - Create a copy of event type.

Save and modify stock - It will close the event and modify stock (stock items that the event contains are deducted in the appropriate quantity from the stock on the day from the event header).

Insert template items - Insert items from available templates.

Input sale - Amount of money = sales data without VAT for budget execution recipe and foodcost calculation.

Pare with sale recipe - It allows you to match the sales recipe.

Colective amount change - It allows you to change the quantity for all entered items.

Change template item order - Change the order of stock items and recipes in the list of items.

Export Excel - Exporting to Excel.

Printable version - Print event detail.

Below in the picture we can see the items that the menu contains.

Name - name of stock item/recipe.

Code - code of item.

Amount per person - Quantity calculated proportionally per person according to the set number of persons from the event header.

Amount total - Input amount of stock item/ recipe.

Cost without VAT - Stock price of stock item / recipe.

The icon indicate inserted recipe.

With using this icon you can edit the item.

Icon allows to delete the item.


Name - Name of income.

VAT rate - Rate of VAT in %.

VAT base - Inserted income without VAT.

POS - recipe - Till Vento version 2.6.1. connection with sales in POS is unavailable.