Need to quickly create a group reservation and work out the details later?

To create group reservations, we recommend using the Detailed availability, where you can easily and quickly check the available capacities in the required time. You can easily switch to detailed availability directly from reception page.

We will then use the Create Reservation option in the detailed availability. In the first step, just select the date, number of individual room types, currency and RateCode - we will add everything else in the second step (we get to the second step of the reservation by clicking on the green Select button next to the selected RateCode).

In the second step of creating a reservation, we will add all the necessary details, especially the reservation owner, parameter of reservation, rooms and possibly rates.

Reservation owner: A person or company searched from the address book (using a magnifying glass), or a new person or company that is created by filling in the data.

Parameter of reservation: Here we check mainly the reservation status (provisional, confirmed) and the meal plan. The remaining data depends on the system settings - whether they are mandatory for making a reservation or not.

Rooms: When creating a reservation in detailed availability, rooms are not automatically assigned - the reservation will be created only for the room type. It will therefore not be displayed in the reception page in the individual rooms, but will occupy their capacity and will be displayed in detailed availability and, of course, via a search. Only the number of guests needs to be filled in for the rooms.

Rates: We set in case of using an individual price list (ie price list without set prices), or if the set price list requires some changes. If we only want to quickly create a reservation with the addition of details later, we can leave the prices zero (user right required) and complete them later.

We will create a reservation by clicking on the green button Create reservation, or by clicking on the blue button Create reservation and add new - in case we want to create another reservation.