Do you use Vento in addition to Hoteltime and do you have these two systems connected? Will a hotel guest come to the restaurant and wish to send the expense to his / her account? Alternatively, it can be used if there is a larger conference at the hotel and guests pay extras for themselves. Even in this case, sending the spend to the guest's account will help you.

So let's see how to do it.

First we need to check the following things at Hoteltime:

  • The reservation is in checkin and we have a filled all guest informations.
  • In the Room detail we have checked the option "IFC - prefere guest bills"

If we have everything checked and agree, we can go to Vento.

In Vento, when paying on the guest hotel account, the option Hotel Room Charge is selected. The most common variants of use are either sending the spend to the main reservation bill OR, in our case, the guest personal bill.

After clicking on the guest personal bills, Vento will list all the guest bills for reservations that are in check and have a filled all the guests. After clicking on the bill the payment will be automatically overwritten in Hoteltime.

TIP- If no guest is filled in it is possible to send the payment to the main reservation bill. Or, if the guest is unsure of the room number, you can use the Search box to search by guest name.