This list is located in Reportings -> Closure list

The closure list includes all closures made at localities for the specified period. Filter as needed.

  • Here you can look at the details of the closures .
  • Notes can be added to the closures.
  • It is possible to cancel the last closures  in the Vento system administration. (Only if the vento is not connected to HotelTime. If the closure is canceled, the system will return the last closure data back to the cash register / terminal, where the deadline can be completed again.)

Closures at outlets can be done individually, but always for the period from the last closing to the current date.

The source of data is all inserted payments, transfers to accounts / accounts / types of bon / receipts, including sales items and VAT / cancellation for a given locality for the period from the last closing date to the moment of completion of closing at the locality / waiters on shift.