Has the POS computer stopped working? Are you expanding with a new POS station? You can also install Vento by yourself from a backup. Customer support cooperation may still be required, but self-installation can speed up the process.

Tip: Backup your data. You never know when you will need it. Check with your IT administrator.

How to do it?

Just copy the Vento folder from the backup to a new computer, ideally into a root folder, such as C:/Vento. Add a shortcut to the desktop and run the program. 

You will probably get a message that the terminal is not allowed to start. You will need to contact customer support at this time. Prepare the computer name or the name of the terminal from the Vento administration to easily identify which terminal it the right one. We will quickly authorize the terminal and Vento is ready to start. 

If this is a new terminal that does not yet exist in the Vento administration (eg you are expanding the operation with a new POS station), you must first contact your sales representative, who must update the license agreement. Only then can customer support activate the terminal. 

You can find more about the terminals here. 

What about printers? 

The most common connection is via USB, network or Bluetooth. So let's take a look at it.

If your printer already exists in the Vento administration, you are almost done. You can verify this via menu ePOS - Printers. 


The printer is connected and installed directly in Windows system. This means that I am able to print anything from Windows on it. For example, I can print a short test text from Notepad to verify that the printer is connected properly.

In this case I will have set in Vento:

Type: System driver

Address: "exact printer name from Windows" (eg EPSON TM-T20II) - check via the Start menu - search for "Printers and scanners".


The printer is connected to a network. It is necessary to ensure that it has a static IP address so that it does not change. Turn off the printer, press and hold the "FEED" button, and turn on the printer again. Once a receipt with some technical data comes out of the printer, you can release the "FEED" button.

This is the most commonly used procedure to obtain an IP address from EPSON printers. If you have different printer or the above procedure does not work, contact your IT administrator.

Find the line on the receipt where "IP address" is mentioned in some way and where you will find several numbers, eg

In Vento administration you must set then:

Type: IPv4

Address: "IP address we found in the previous step" (eg

Tip: You can check if the printer is connected correctly via the Start menu - find "cmd" and confirm. At the command prompt, type "ping" and the IP address of the printer (eg ping and confirm with enter.

Example of communication failure, the printer is not connected properly, contact your IT administrator. Unreachable, or % loss indicates complications.


The printer is connected via Bluetooth. From the Start menu, look for Bluetooth and other devices. Scroll down and open "More Bluetooth options". A new window will open, switch to "COM Ports" tab. The outgoing COM port will be important for us, remember its number.

In the Vento administration, the following will be set:

Type: COM

Address: "outgoing COM port from previous step" (eg COM4)

If necessary, customer support will help you with other printer settings if they need to be changed.

If this is a new printer, you must contact customer support, who must first add the printer to the system. It is advisable to prepare the information for connecting the printer in advance - type and address, see above.

Remember that in order for the printer to print receipts, it must be set up as a Bill printer for the concrete terminal. You can verify this via ePOS - Terminals.

Orders will be printed only if the given printer is assigned to an endpoint, the endpoint is set in the given outlet with the selected order type and the order type corresponds with the recipe ordered (can be also undetermined).

You can find more about the printers here.